creative solutions for business brands and events

I help business owners and event planners find the best way to promote their concepts and then we create the visuals. The difference between making something and making it count is a good design strategy. Let's discuss your goals and set a coarse to get there. With my background in computer technology, marketing and design principles, plus a little theater to round things out, I look forward to helping you set the right stage to share your story today.


My clients and I partner to strategically plan how their business, product or event will enter the market. Logo assessment/creation and messaging services follow strategy.

Marketing Strategy
Logo Assessment / Creation
Brand Messaging

Marketing Materials

We can design for most platforms- from print publications to digital communication. The final product will be a visual solution cohesive with your message.

Web Design & Development
Design for Print
Video Production

Wedding & Event Media

The preparation process large scale events can be a stressful time. Together, we can set a tone and a mood through the visuals that will clearly speak to the audience.

Cards & Invitations
Signs & Displays
Promotional Items