I recently had the privilege of speaking at the Lehigh Valley Elite Meeting and enjoyed some of the looks I got from people when I told them that even God cared about branding. It’s true.

Keep-in-mind-this-client-has-strong-opinionsThink back to the story of Moses found in Exodus 24-31; 35-40. God took a body of people from Egyptian slavery to the Promised land. These people, the Israelites, spent a lot of time, on route in the desert. During that time, God gave them a whole slew of laws, specific instructions on how they were to behave as a body, and plans for a Tabernacle and priestly leadership. God gave instructions down to the color and style of uniform to be worn by His top execs, the priests.

God was creating His own brand. What is branding? It’s basically your business’s reputation- what you convey to your prospective clients through every point of interaction with them. This includes not only your customer service, but each visual aspect of your brand be it your logo, website, testimonials, invoices etc. It’s the value that you convey. Why are such visual symbols important?

They distinguish your company from others by conveying what’s unique about you
God took a group of people from one land to another, where world view’s other than His were prevalent. He wanted people to see God when they looked at Israel. What is unique about your business?

They unify an organization
God spent the time in the wilderness setting a culture into motion and providing a vision for His company and their posterity to follow. Do you have a vision or mission statement written down for your team? Is it posted on your website so others can identify with what you stand for?

Visuals provide clear communication of complex ideas
Many of the instructions from God were metaphors for how He interacted with people. (You can read more on that in Leviticus). People generations later could look back at what those folks did visually and understand the complex states of sin, repentance and forgiveness. Do you have visuals to help communicate some of the more complex points of your service or product? Graphs, charts, and videos can often help others to grasp large ideas that your business is attempting to convey.



Whatever visual elements you choose to incorporate into your business, know that they should all be cohesive with who you are and what you want to communicate. Your business’s reputation is important as what people understand about your business is what either draws them to it or repels them.