In 2 Chronicles 26 we see a man lead a nation through conquering war, innovation, development, etc. Uzziah was on his game. He was highly favored, he was famous, he was God-blessed in everything that he set His hand to… but did he know it?  Then what happened?  How does a man go from “King of the World” to dying an isolating and tragic death by leprosy?

In a word: pride.

Do you ever feel like that? People start congratulating you and the boost to your humble confidence is like a drug.  Glory to God?  God who?

xyz-3dmanI was always good at math during high school.  Off to college I went and then came Calc 3. ::dun dun duuuuuunnnn::

That semester, I struggled. It was one of my last courses and 3D math was baking my brain.  I did everything I usually did to improve in a coarse- I focused, I “got serious”, I went for extra help, all the time assuming in the back of mind that the situation would eventually right itself.

Enter the threat of the final and the fact that my grades had not significantly improved. (PS: did I mention that I was kind of a freak about my grades?)

I started to pray as I studied, realizing that up till then, I hadn’t bothered to talk to Jesus about it.  I had to face the fact that my Arrogant “I Got This” Attitude, AIA, was ridiculous, and that I might actually fail if I did not recognize WHO I owed my prior successes to.

Suddenly, things began to click in my head and I laughed that I hadn’t “gotten it” before.  For me, that was a strong reminder, that I can achieve nothing without God allowing it.

TT-AIASo how do we avoid this AIA trap that is so easy to fall into?

Well, here’s another word: Thankfulness! “Let everything that has breath praise The Lord.” -Psalm 150:6

This is not just some ritualistic tip meant to be one more tool in your bag of business success goodies. This is a daily work that God will help you with if you ask. Thankfulness is a heart attitude that continually puts the fact before us that God is in control of every detail of our lives and success is a gift from Him, not one of our own making.  In a word filled with “self-help”, especially in the business world, we need to stop and think about who’s really helping us?  Are we arrogant enough to think that every success in our businesses is a product of our hands alone?

I share this with you as one who’s glad to have seen my AIA before the final.  The professor said that out of the whole class, I was the one who showed the most improvement on that one test.  Praise Jesus: from a C to a B+… it wasn’t quite the A that I might have wanted, but that’s another story ;D

So, how have you seen AIA’s creep up in your life?  Do you need to recognize one now?  Shake that off your shoulder and leave me a comment to let us know that you did :D  God bless~