In a sea of trucks wrapped in simple colors, this brand took their trucks to the next level and brought their message effectively to the streets.  They got me to take the time to at least look at their website.  Wasn’t that the point?


As I’ve said before, branding is what you “say” to your prospective customers at every point of their interaction with you. The goal is to communicate value. You want to build your client’s faith in your business and to do that you have to have faith yourself.

Have you heard the story of David and Goliath? You can read it here, but what I want to note is that David was already a king when he brought down that giant. Did you catch that? Skim back a chapter to the point when Samuel anoints David as the next king.  From that point, David believed that God had given him that calling and he made choices based on that belief even though its fulfillment would not come for several more years. That is what faith is- acting on a belief or a hope that is not yet realized.

3D Man with a CrownHave you been given a vision to work towards?  Do you have faith that your product or service offering is a good one that will help people? If so, that faith should impact every facet of your brand.  Take the time to invest in how you present that offering.

Check the visuals of your brand:  A good designer can help you create or fine tune your logo, website, print and video media so that they will accurately tell your brand’s story,  Visually communicating worth to yourself, your team and your customers.

Continue your education:  I keep a folder of bookmarks in my web browser for new blogs, books and resources pertaining to design.  I’ve also taken classes at my local college and looked for folks who could be awesome mentors in business.  Offering quality and innovation is a vital part of staying in business.

Set aside time to talk to The Lord:  Stepping back to let God give you His perspective is the number 1 key to keeping the faith.  It is so easy to get carried away with all of the details and striving for success that we sometimes forget why we do what we do and get discouraged in the process.  David had significant trials to his faith before he was crowned.  (Have a currently throned king try to kill you a few times and that will show you what it’s like.)

FaithIn those intense moments, be encouraged, be prayerful and be faithful to what God has called you to do.  I have had moments in business where all that kept me pressing on was the faith that I was still on the right path even though the “valley” felt low.  Those were the moments, though, where God helped me trek back up the steep climb toward amazing “mountain top” experiences that propelled me forward in my business’ growth.  That is the impact that a little faith can have!

So, which of these tips can you try today? Leave me a comment below and encourage us all to take action now ;)