Herbs-&-SpicesThese last couple of months, I’ve spent time networking with my local business community. One of the questions that I ask is how much time they invested in networking before they saw an increase in business growth. Answers vary but read between the lines, and you see a substantial period of time where much effort was put in with little immediate return. What do you do when you are waiting to succeed? What do you do when perhaps months of hard effort are not producing income for you to live on?

The answer?  Pray.

There are circumstances that no amount of positive thinking, good business practice or pounding of the pavement are going to solve. There are issues that have spiritual roots and as a result, require spiritual tools to fix, ie God’s part of the equation.

When I first began to aggressively build my business, I was reading Genesis 6:13,19-22 when the footnote in The Life Application Bible caught my attention. Noah was responsible for building an ark. He was not responsible for figuring out how to collect 2 of every kind of animal into the ark. He needed to obey God with the right heart attitude and trust that God would do the rest. God would bring the animals.ark

Fast forward to my last few slow months. My proposals were sent out and I was in a holding pattern. I was receiving constant affirmation that my portfolio and quality of my work was great, but I had not contracted a new client or job. I was feeling stagnant and ultimately discouraged. Where was the disconnect?

I began to pray. I told God that I trusted Him but was feeling the lag in my business growth. I felt like I was doing all that I was taught to do, but did not see the needle moving. So, I prayed that if I was missing something that The Holy Spirit would show me or if The Lord was purposefully holding business back to teach me something, that I would learn the lesson and move forward. Lastly, I prayed that if the Devil was interfering with my business’s success, that God would take Him out of the equation.  I could pray this expectantly because I knew that my only requirement was to be obedient to God with the right attitude and He would follow through with what He said He would do.

TT-PrayerYes, there is evil in this world that originates with the Devil and he is actively trying to prevent you from positively impacting others and using your business as a tool to serve. You can only win a war when you fight with the right weapons. Prayer is what opens the door for God to fight on your behalf.

Now, I’m not going to pretend to know how long you will need to pray for your business before you see success.  I will tell you that since praying, 2 of my proposals have been accepted and thus I share this “glory to God” report to encourage you.

Is your business in an unexplainable stagnate state today?  How quickly can you get down on your knees?  Leave me a comment below if  you would like me to join with you in your prayers for your business success, or if you are experiencing the flip side of stagnation, comment with your own “glory to God” report today and encourage me too :D